The book LIVES

My book A Gathering of Chaos is now available for purchase on Amazon! (If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free.) It went out in e-book form to Kickstarter backers in March, and the physical copies from that campaign won’t be available until July, but everyone else can go enjoy it right now!

Seriously, if you like classic or dark fantasy, you should give it a look. I can’t take credit for building the world of Asunder, but it’s an amazing playground to tell a story in. On Asunder, the metal’s all gone and so are the gods. Humanity scrapes out a living in a hostile world that is on the verge of collapse. Naga roam the wilds, Chaos seeps up from the earth, and no one is safe. In the middle of this mess, our heroes roam both land and sea in search of the power that will let them defeat a demon lord. It’s a shame they only make things worse as they go.

An audiobook version will be forthcoming, but for now, please enjoy the print version!

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