Sample Chapters

Pssst, hey, kid! *beckons down alleyway* You lookin’ for the good stuff? I can give you a taste for free. Yeah, that’s right… you like that?

On second thought, maybe putting myself into the role of slimy, trench-coated dope-pusher is a bad idea. Ahem. Read these samples of my fine, upstanding fiction, won’t you, good citizen?

(There’s more where that came from.)

A Gathering of Chaos: epic fantasy. A girl escaping from a backwater cult is struck by a natural phenomenon that gives her visions of the future; she finds herself thrown in with an angry young Beast Rider, a power-hungry priestess, and a weary old monk as they steal the world’s greatest treasures to prevent disaster.

Blood from a Stone: literary sci-fi. A disgraced archaeologist awakens a new god in a world that has rejected religion. He becomes her reluctant prophet, upending society and bringing unintended destruction.

Drug Mule for a Damned Soul: urban fantasy novella. A dissolute bartender south of the border finds himself face-to-face with the devil, who wants him to smuggle a dead man’s soul into the United States.


All works listed are the sole property of Cameron Hopkin and may not be reproduced or adapted without permission.