Well, that didn’t take long

Man, these folks work quick! I basked in the light of my announcement as a semifinalist in the Self Published Fantasy Blog-Off for all of two days, and then my assigned blogger declared her choice for finalist.

It wasn’t me.

While disappointing, this was not much of a surprise — in listening to her talk about her semifinalist picks, there was one that definitely seemed like her favorite, and that was indeed the book chosen. My congratulations, by the way, to T.A. Hernandez and her book Tethered Spirits, which earned the spot! I’ll have to pick it up and give it a read.

While I’d have loved to progress further in the contest — getting ten blogger reviews would have been pretty sweet from a publicity standpoint — I feel amply rewarded for my participation. The contest has opened my eyes to some new books, has kept me focused on my work and my writing so that I’ll have something to submit next year, and has hopefully introduced at least a handful of folks to A Gathering of Chaos, which will forever be near and dear to me.

On to the next thing!

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