My new novel is up on Royal Road

Hi friends,

I haven’t said much in a while, but a big part of that is because (in addition to a full time job, helping with my wife’s business, and contemplating going back for another degree like an idiot) I’ve been cooking up a new book for everyone. I’d like to introduce you to Wander the Lost, my Stone Age fantasy novel. If you like the idea of jungle survival, blood magic, and a talking otter, this one’s for you! And, in even better news: I’m putting it up chapter by chapter on a free website, Royal Road. As of now nearly half of the novel is up. The image above is its cover, which I commissioned this summer. (I’ll talk about that process some other time, because it was fascinating.) Give it a look-see, and if you like it, drop me a review! They help lots.

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