Listen to Chapter 1 of Gathering!

At long last, the physical rewards from the Asunder Kickstarter have shipped! Behold: the haul.

Ahhh, the good stuff

I’ve been running a campaign with my family for the last couple of weeks, and it’s been an absolute blast. Let me tell you a secret: when it comes to role-playing, I’ve always been a filthy casual. When my friends and I would get together as teenagers to play D&D, we’d roll up characters, spending most of our time arguing over re-rolls and whether Arnold had 18 STR or 18.00 — this was 2E, so it was complicated — and then by the time we had it all sorted out and had gone to the store for snacks, it was so late that we never got around to playing. We’d sneak in the occasional actual play session, but… yeah. Filthy casual.

All this to say, I was very concerned about my ability to successfully GM a game, but Asunder makes it easy. I’m cribbing off the module that’s included, and we’re now a good five or six sessions deep and loving it.

Even more importantly….


Mah book! I’ve been writing seriously for a good five or six years now, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to actually have a physical copy of something I wrote in hand. I’m a fan.

…of myself. That got weird.

Anyhow, while the promised audiobook of Gathering has yet to magically apparate (audiobook recording is hard, y’all), I did finally sit down and make an intro video for the Kickstarter folks who are just now getting their books. Take a look, won’t you?

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