2nd round of edits done!


I’ve finally gotten all the edits to The Gathering of Chaos done! This round of edit notes were given by the gamemakers of Asunder — that’s the world where my book is set. Essentially, we had to make sure that the story I’m telling fits in the world of the game. It’s been a fascinating process that has provided constraints on my storytelling that have been creatively invigorating at times and highly frustrating at others. Everything from animal life to city structure to currency has to be considered, not to mention weapon systems, character classes, and ability sets. Sine the game is still in development, in certain cases I’d come up with stuff that then they’d decide to integrate on their end… so at least I’m not the only one rewriting!

I can’t wait for everyone to read this thing. Sometimes I think it’s amazing, and other times I’m certain it’s garbage. The only way to know is to get it into readers’ hands! And that’s the next step. Adam, one of the game producers, has lined up a couple of groups of beta readers to give us feedback. At the same time, I’m going to move ahead in sending out query letters to literary agents. I expect a long series of rejections — but who knows, right? Maybe I’ll get lucky. I want to get this book out there and get to work on the next one.

On we go!

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