Stay a while and listen!

You just know Deckard Cain had, like, two dozen unpublished novels. Demon erotica, I’m thinking.

Hello, you. Yes, you who has scrolled back through the content to find this very first blog post. You’re an odd one, aren’t you? That’s good — I like ’em odd. Here you are, my kind of person, reading stuff the average reader couldn’t possibly be bothered with just like I’ve always done with my favorites.  And here I am, an unpublished nobody, feeling awfully stupid setting up my own website and throwing these words out into the noisy, uncaring void for precisely no one to read for a good long while.

So… hey. Fancy meeting you here. I’ve got things I want you to read. They’re things I wrote. They’re not half-bad, if I may be so bold. (Though, really, if they were, I’m not sure I’d be the person to ask.) Stick around! Take a look at the, um, things I wrote! From time to time I’ll have stuff posted for free on here, like a dealer letting you get your first taste in the hopes you’ll be back for more. (Please do not actually eat my books. I mean, unless that’s your thing. I guess if you buy them first, I won’t complain. Just not the library copies, okay? I once had to pay for a whole book just because there was a dirt smudge on ONE PAGE. I can’t imagine they’d respond well to tooth marks.)

You and me, we’re going to get along. Even if it has taken you this long to get around to reading the first thing I ever wrote to you. No, really, it’s cool. *sniff* I’m not hurt.

You may be thinking this is a dumb post, but just you wait! It only gets worse. Just be glad you weren’t around when I first started using Twitter.

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